Amateur Radio Pending Call Sign Cancellations

The FCC will cancel call signs two years afters the user registration has expired. The following table lists call signs that are likely to be cancelled by the FCC within the next 14 days due to registration expiration.

Call SignDate ExpiredNameCityStateLicense Status
Call SignDate ExpiredNameCityStateLicense Status
WQYR856 12/28/2021 NERWINSKI, JAKE W MINOT ND Active
WQYR857 12/28/2021 Post, Jason M Los Angeles CA Active
WQYR858 12/28/2021 Kelly, Steven J Bay Shore NY Active
WQYR859 12/28/2021 Gardner, Nicholas G Camden SC Active
WQYR860 12/28/2021 Marcin II, Anthony C North Las Vegas NV Active
WQYR861 12/28/2021 Bryant, Mark S New London IA Active
WQYR862 12/28/2021 Hope, Duncan Selma AL Active
WQYR863 12/28/2021 Capshaw, Devon Santa Barbara CA Active
WQYR864 12/28/2021 Melvin, Terry Scranton PA Active
WQYR865 12/28/2021 marcell, michael k hanover PA Active