Amateur Radio Pending Call Sign Cancellations

The FCC will cancel call signs two years afters the user registration has expired. The following table lists call signs that are likely to be cancelled by the FCC within the next 14 days due to registration expiration.

Call SignDate ExpiredNameCityStateLicense Status
Call SignDate ExpiredNameCityStateLicense Status
KJ4YCU 08/27/2020 Sawyer, Robert F Locust Grove VA Active
KJ4YCV 08/27/2020 Sawyer, Philip R Locust Grove VA Active
KJ4YCW 08/27/2020 Yowell, Rebekah D Locust Grove VA Active
KJ4YCX 08/27/2020 White, Rachel E Fredericksburg VA Active
KJ4YDA 08/27/2020 Toves, Jose M Fredericksburg VA Active
KJ4YDB 08/27/2020 Baggott, Hananyah D Cartersville VA Active
KJ4YDC 08/27/2020 Baggott, Kelaiah A Cartersville VA Active
KJ4YDD 08/27/2020 Baggott, Rosemary Cartersville VA Active
KJ4YDF 08/27/2020 Bradshaw, Philip S Fredericksburg VA Active
KF5IID 08/27/2020 Biggs, Zachary W Plano TX Active