Amateur Radio New License Grants

Congratulations to all of the new HAM ticket holders!

The following table contains a list of call signs that were granted to new amateur radio operators by the FCC over the past two weeks.

Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
KJ7CYH Whalen, James M Technician Walla Walla WA 12/26/2018
KJ7CYI Richardson, Gary K Technician Bremerton WA 12/26/2018
AE0ES Palmer Sr, Wattie T Extra Saint Joseph MO 12/26/2018
KN4RJE Story, Charles D Technician Elizabeth City NC 12/26/2018
KI5CSC English Jr, Donald J Technician Mountain Pine AR 12/26/2018
KD2RDL Phillips, Glen M General Mays Landing NJ 12/26/2018
KE8LDT Coffey, Timothy J General Fowlerville MI 12/26/2018
KM6YST Anderson, James R Technician Oak Park CA 12/20/2018
KM6YSU Adler, Alina F Technician Woodland Hills CA 12/20/2018
KM6YSV An, Lawrence Technician Oxnard CA 12/20/2018

Historical New License Grants

The following interactive graphic illustrates the number of new FCC license grants per month over the years.