Amateur Radio New License Grants

Congratulations to all of the new HAM ticket holders!

The following table contains a list of call signs that were granted to new amateur radio operators by the FCC over the past two weeks.

Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
KK7CWJ Bateman, Cory Technician Sun Valley NV 01/05/2022
KC3TIU Williams, Robert J Technician Pulaski PA 01/13/2022
KC3TIN Swall, Dan J Technician Harmony PA 01/07/2022
KK7CWV LeBlanc, Larry F Technician Surprise AZ 01/07/2022
KE8TQH Rutter Sr, Donald C Technician Marysville OH 01/05/2022
KF0HOZ Haskins, Hunter S Technician COLORADO SPGS CO 01/05/2022
KF0HOL Fromknecht, Michael D Technician PARKER CO 01/03/2022
KF0HOM Schmidt, Rona Technician AURORA CO 01/03/2022
KK7CUU Dymond, Anthony Technician Chandler AZ 01/03/2022

Historical New License Grants

The following interactive graphic illustrates the number of new FCC license grants per month over the years.