Amateur Radio New License Grants

Congratulations to all of the new HAM ticket holders!

The following table contains a list of call signs that were granted to new amateur radio operators by the FCC over the past two weeks.

Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
KF0GFP Tuttle, Stephen L Technician WHEAT RIDGE CO 07/23/2021
KO4RXE Bailey, Wendell W Technician Crittenden KY 07/15/2021
KI5QYG Sanders II, Chester J Technician Longview TX 07/23/2021
KJ7ZXZ Johnson, Fredrick D Technician Forest Grove OR 07/23/2021
KO4RXF Lawley, Russell D Technician Franklin AL 07/15/2021
KI5QQT Repak, Jason Technician Boerne TX 07/12/2021
KD9TAY Gentile, Jarred S Technician Kokomo IN 07/12/2021
KN6POK Smith, Isaac S Technician Susanville CA 07/12/2021
KE8SLG Hawley, David Technician Peck MI 07/12/2021
AD2CO Hidas, Dean A Extra Rocky Point NY 07/12/2021

Historical New License Grants

The following interactive graphic illustrates the number of new FCC license grants per month over the years.