Amateur Radio New License Grants

Congratulations to all of the new HAM ticket holders!

The following table contains a list of call signs that were granted to new amateur radio operators by the FCC over the past two weeks.

Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
Call SignNameLicense ClassCityStateDate
KJ6OHG Denny, Silas A Technician Bradley CA 04/29/2021
KE8RYC Wood, Lawrence M Technician Saint Albans WV 04/28/2021
KO4PWT Fanning, James P Technician Cape Coral FL 04/28/2021
KC3RZR Lavin, Niles Technician MECHANICSBURG PA 04/28/2021
KN6OPA Smith, Charles Technician ALAMEDA CA 04/28/2021
KO4QCP Wade, Patrick K Technician Hurt VA 05/06/2021
KO4QCQ Wilson, Allan D Technician Port Charlotte FL 05/06/2021
KJ7YIR Armstrong III, Larry S Technician Salem OR 04/28/2021
KD9SQR Nelson, Darren J Technician Kokomo IN 05/06/2021
KO4PXR Duke, Brandon T Technician Camden TN 04/30/2021

Historical New License Grants

The following interactive graphic illustrates the number of new FCC license grants per month over the years.