Amateur Radio General Class Practice Exam

This is an amateur radio general class practice exam (2015-2019 FCC Element 3) which is used to help prepare for the written exams. A General Class license grants full operating privileges on all amateur bands above 30 MHz and privileges on a large portion of the HF bands.

For this exam, thirty-five questions are randomly selected from sub-elements in the general exam question pool. The question pool contains at least 10 times the number of questions presented on the written exams. These are the same questions used in the generation of the written exams and, as a result, the sample exams are an excellent tool in preparation for the written exam.

Once you submit your answers, the results of your test are tabulated and presented for your review.

Continue practicing using this sample exam until you feel comfortable with your results. The set of questions in this sample exam are regenerated each time that you refresh this page. Consistently score over 80% and you are ready to take the written exams!

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General Class Test