Amateur Radio Recent Call Sign Cancellations

The FCC will cancel call signs two years afters the user registration has expired. The following tables list recent call signs that were cancelled by the FCC either due to registration expiration, a user initiated call sign change, or for other reasons.

Call Signexpired_dateNameCityStateLicense StatusCancellation Date
Call Signexpired_dateNameCityStateLicense StatusCancellation Date
AA5JW 12/31/2018 ALBRECHT, CARL E STAFFORD TX Expired 01/01/2021
AA5KO 12/31/2018 PETERSON, WILLIAM T Abilene TX Expired 01/01/2021
AA9NP 11/23/2024 PFIESTER SR, RITCHIE D ROMEOVILLE IL Cancelled 01/05/2021
AF7T 12/30/2018 FORSTER, CARLE A Pensacola FL Expired 12/31/2020
K0IPS 12/30/2018 LARSON, GERALD W GORDON NE Expired 12/31/2020
K0LE 12/30/2018 WICHMANN, RICHARD A CEDAREDGE CO Expired 12/31/2020
K0LTW 12/30/2018 WHITE, LEE T Harrisonville MO Expired 12/31/2020
K0MFW 01/07/2019 NOFTSGER SR, DONALD R DALLAS IA Expired 01/08/2021
K1AMD 01/07/2019 KRING, RICHARD E FREEPORT OH Expired 01/08/2021
K1SAV 01/06/2019 VIGIARD, ALAN C ADAMS MA Expired 01/07/2021