Amateur Radio Recent Call Sign Cancellations

The FCC will cancel call signs two years afters the user registration has expired. The following tables list recent call signs that were cancelled by the FCC either due to registration expiration, a user initiated call sign change, or for other reasons.

Call Signexpired_dateNameCityStateLicense StatusCancellation Date
Call Signexpired_dateNameCityStateLicense StatusCancellation Date
AA0IB 03/24/2022 LINDLY, THOMAS L WAYNESVILLE MO Expired 03/26/2024
AA1BH 03/24/2022 DONOGHUE, SUSAN C HAMPDEN MA Expired 03/26/2024
AA1BI 03/24/2022 MC LAUGHLIN, RAYMOND C CHELMSFORD MA Expired 03/26/2024
AA1BN 04/07/2022 PAPARAZZI, JOHN M Melbourne FL Active
AA1JT 03/23/2022 Nichols, Donald L Cranston RI Expired 03/26/2024
AA2II 03/24/2022 WELCH, JOANNE G FORT EDWARD NY Expired 03/26/2024
AA2IJ 03/24/2022 PICHER SR, GARY R SARATOGA SPRINGS NY Expired 03/26/2024
AA2IK 03/31/2022 KOTHE, ERICH W WHITE PLAINS NY Expired 04/02/2024
AA7NY 03/24/2022 SCHLAHT SR, GARY W PHOENIX AZ Expired 03/26/2024
AA7OC 03/31/2022 ELLIS, ROBERT G VANCOUVER WA Expired 04/02/2024