Amateur Radio Recent Call Sign Cancellations

The FCC will cancel call signs two years afters the user registration has expired. The following tables list recent call signs that were cancelled by the FCC either due to registration expiration, a user initiated call sign change, or for other reasons.

Call Signexpired_dateNameCityStateLicense StatusCancellation Date
Call Signexpired_dateNameCityStateLicense StatusCancellation Date
AA4VH 03/13/2017 ROBERTS, TRAVIS R GAINESVILLE GA Expired 03/14/2019
AA8IO 08/18/2022 BELCHER, JACK D Elkview WV Cancelled 03/05/2019
AB0FV 03/06/2017 Terrill, Ruth I Dodge City KS Expired 03/07/2019
AB7VI 03/13/2017 GREEN, VINCENT R PORT ORCHARD WA Expired 03/14/2019
AC5MI 03/09/2017 Brown Sr, Michael S Greenbrier AR Expired 03/12/2019
AD6ED 03/06/2017 STEWART, ERIC F BROOKLYN CENTER MN Expired 03/07/2019
AF4GD 03/05/2017 Peek, Ben B Old Fort NC Expired 03/06/2019
K0AFH 03/10/2017 KIRKHUFF III, ROBERT M Madison AL Expired 03/12/2019
K0GQV 03/05/2017 MILLER, DAVID A SAINT PAUL MN Expired 03/06/2019
K0GUB 03/05/2017 Hughes, Dennis R ADEL IA Expired 03/06/2019